Hettich FInancing Solutions, Inc. ("HFS") is a consulting company specializing in working with small to mid-sized businesses and real estate owners & investors.  We specialize in working with business owners who don't have the time or expertise and who need outside assistance with managing their finances and special projects.  We only work when needed by our Clients, and offer very competitive hourly and/or specific contract pricing for each job.  The primary services we provide include Cash-flow Consulting (often referred to as "Out-Sourced CFO Solutions"), Management Consulting, Project Management, Commercial Debt Placement, and Private Equity Capital.   

HFS is here to assist you and your business.  We do not see ourselves as an expense, but as a profit center for your business, as our goal is to save you money by improving operations, reducing expenses, helping you increase revenues, or get the best financing available.  Please give us the opportunity to provide you with a free consultation and show you exactly how HFS can help you and your business grow your bottom line.